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MeetMe Credit Chat Plugin for WordPress

Unlock the full potential of your WordPress site with our revolutionary chat plugin!

Versatile Integration

Works seamlessly with all post types using a simple shortcode, even in widgets.

Personalized Messaging

Users can chat directly with post authors after purchasing credits.

Credit Management

Admins can add credits for users (1 credit = 1 message).

Admin Control

Admins can monitor and respond to all messages, ensuring high engagement.

Real-time Updates

With AJAX support, new messages appear instantly without page refresh.

WooCommerce Integration

Easily sell credit packages (e.g., 30 credits for $10) and instantly add credits post-purchase

Multilingual Support

Fully translatable to any language, making it perfect for global audiences.
Transform your website into a dynamic, interactive platform with the MeetMe Chat Plugin. Perfect for dating sites, customer support, and community engagement.

Check demo:
We can do modifications as you wish!

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password: demo1234