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Before & After WordPress plugin

Harness the capabilities of the “Before & After” plugin to highlight your work and attract new clients.

Key Features

Custom Post Type

The plugin allows for the creation of a special post type for before and after images, facilitating organization and management of content.

SEO Optimization

Each post can be SEO optimized like a standard blog post, improving visibility on search engines and aiding in attracting targeted audiences.


Everything is automated, enabling easy addition, editing, and management of before and after images without requiring additional technical knowledge. Like blog post!


Posts can be conveniently categorized, simplifying user navigation and enabling focus on specific services or treatments.

Multi Template

We currently have 2 themes on offer! We will make sure that you have a new theme for every update! The plugin provides the flexibility to choose from various templates for displaying before and after images, allowing customization of design to match aesthetics and user preferences.


“Before & After” plugin now supports multilingual functionality, empowering businesses to cater to a global audience by seamlessly presenting content in multiple languages. Whether expanding internationally or serving multicultural communities, this feature enhances accessibility and engagement across diverse linguistic backgrounds.