Did you know that half of the visitors close the site if it does not load in 4 seconds?

No one will wait that long to see content on a page. It will quickly press the back button and search for a faster site. Some of you will say for sure, half a second – a second doesn’t matter.

How can this affect my business? EVERY PART OF A SECOND IS IMPORTANT.

A split second can affect your Google ranking a lot! Research has shown that it even affects sales.

1. Speed is the first experience for visitors

The first experience is very important. If the first experience is good, there is a high probability that the visitor will stay on the page. This is how our brain works. If the site is fast, you are more professional!

2. Website speed affects your Google rank

Search engines rank sites by speed.

They want to make the internet very fast and accessible to everyone. And they are well on their way. It is very important that your server has a quick response. Your site can be brutally fast, but if the server responds after 2 seconds, that’s not good!

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3. If the page is slow for a long time – IT KILLS YOU

If your site has been slow for a long time. That’s not good for you! Optimize your site on time! This brings a drop in traffic to your site.

Also, your old visitors will no longer want to visit your site, because it is terribly slow! It will slow down your sales because no one wants to wait that long to buy a product or read something.

Literally a slow page is a review of your business. And that can hurt your brand.

4. Finally, why use our services?

We don’t talk about what we don’t apply. So we can illustrate this with our example.

A clear example is our site, you can see the rating for google!

You can also look at the rating on GTMETRIX.
Here is link too: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/arnautcode.com/gqabDHXu

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4 thoughts on “Why is it important to speed up a website?

  1. Jan says:

    This team is phenomenal! I can’t believe how well they do their job! I will always come back to you. You helped me a lot. I have a much better rating on the internet. My page is brutally fast, especially after the first load. All recommendations! 10++++++

  2. Michelle says:

    Can you help me, I have some problems with the site? I have problem with defer parsing of JavaScript and serve scaled images. How I can fix this? Thanks. Michelle

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