How can malware affect your site?

Let’s see!  

1. You can be redirected to other sites

The most common viruses are redirects to other sites. When someone opens your page, ads lead to another web page (usually infected sites). This will ruin your traffic and over time your site will be ranked very poorly. It can also happen that your site does not open at all, but only another link (advertisement). It is very important that you clean your site as soon as possible.

Here you can also check if your site is infected, if it is blacklisted:

If you notice anything. Contact us now!

2. It will ruin the look of your site

Hackers can write their message on your page. These are usually messages of offensive content. Such viruses can be in the form of a simple message on the site or can completely prevent further use of the website.

3. Access to your website

Cyber criminals can access your site. I can take data from your users. I can change everything in your location. I can change the payment methods and take your money that way. They can also steal your customers’ credit card information. That is why it is important to protect yourself in time.

4. The title has been changed in Google search

In 2020, there are more and more infected sites that have a different title on Google. They usually lead to Viagra sites and some other porn content. The problem is that this virus does not have to be in the files, the infected code can also be in the database, so many cannot find a solution. We can remove any malware and protect everything. Contact our team.

5. Black list and removal from the search

Your site may be blacklisted. When this happens, users will receive a message from an antivirus or other software that the site is not secure and may harm their computer. Usually a site can be blacklisted. We need to clean the site, protect it. We then need to contact those companies to remove your link from the list. This usually takes a few days.

If you notice any problem, it is important to fix it as soon as possible!

We specialize in site protection. We have over 200 satisfied customers. We successfully solve all problems. We usually respond IMMEDIATELY if we are not sleeping 🙂


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  1. Paul says:

    Hello developers 🙂 I have problem with my site. When i enter my site on google I see Viagra titles and if click link on google redirect me to any shop site. Can you help me with this?

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